YUNMAI Massage Fascia Gun Pro


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Battery 2600mAh 80 days battery life3 levels of intensity adjustment4 professional massage heads

Brand: Yunmai 
Type: Massage Fascia Gun
Model: Pro Basic
Color: Grey

Specification Strength Gear: 3 File Adjustment

Use Environment: 0~40°C


Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

Noise: 45dB 

Using Time: 80 Days(10min/Day)

Weight & Size Product Weight: 1kg
Package Weight: 1.2kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 18.3 x 23 x 7.1cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 20 x 25 x 9cm
Package Contents

1 x Yunmai Massage Fascia Gun Pro Basic
1 x Spherical Type Head 
1 x U-type Head 
1 x Taper Type Head 
1 x T-type Head 
1 x User Manual

Main Features:
Deeply loosen the fascia, completely release the soreness
The fascial massage gun Pro basic is stimulated by strong and powerful high-frequency vibrations, which can penetrate deep into the texture, penetrate deep fascia, quickly dissolve the lactic acid produced after exercise, relax tight and rigid muscle tissues, comb the nodules of muscles and prevent muscles At the same time of adhesion, it completely releases soreness and relieves fatigue and discomfort.

60W powerful motor, the excitement sweeps the whole body
The 60W high-power brushless motor brings a higher level of powerful torque. The aggressive 106mN.m high torque gives the fascia gun a surging power source. It impacts at a high speed of 3200 rpm, reaching a depth of 12mm. Muscles, the majestic and deep waves continue to impact the body, let the excitement sweep over every muscle cell

Engineering design, outstanding performance without loss
The original double-bearing transmission structure is equipped with a large motor with a smaller volume and a longer life. While ensuring the powerful power, it ensures the safe operation of the machine, greatly reduces wear and heat, realizes stable braking, free retractable, T-shaped curved surface engineering design and the flexible side line structure reduce the bulkiness brought by the large motor, and the performance is not reduced and more outstanding.

80 days of efficient battery life
The long-lasting enthusiasm comes from the strong support of the 60W high-power motor, and the 2600mAh power lithium battery, which is efficient and energy-saving, but also provides plenty of long-lasting power. It can be massaged for 10 minutes a day and can be used continuously for ≈80 days in gear mode. The wireless handheld design can accompany you to charge and complete more challenges.

45dB low noise and mute
The massage fascia gun Pro basic, equipped with WHISPER noise reduction technology, the noise is only 45dB, just like whispering in the ear, whether it is in a noisy gym or a quiet office, you can enjoy it. Please be bold to deliver your body to it. Crush tiredness and aches in silence, let the body and mind be immersed in a peaceful and comfortable relaxing time.

Minimalist appearance
Unique and minimalist design, with high-precision craftsmanship, an integrated closed structure is created. The hidden buttons are integrated with the starry sky gray body. The sides of the body are dotted with galaxy plating, which shows the sense of pioneering technology in the details.

3 levels of intensity adjustment
According to the force theory of body muscles and bones, it provides 3 levels of scientific vibration mode of 1800-3200 revolutions per minute, which can be switched according to personal needs or body parts. Whether relaxing muscles after exercise or daily soothing massage, you can find the amplitude that suits you

4 professional massage heads
In order to provide a more comfortable massage experience, using soft and skin-friendly food-grade silicone, 4 massage heads are tailored for each part of the body. The unique honeycomb internal structure provides cushioning protection and reduces bone damage. Professional manual analysis teaching, It is convenient for users to master the correct operation and take care of every muscle group in the body carefully.

10min efficient massage, easy to get rid of fatigue
10 minutes of efficient and fast massage, you can get rid of soreness and fatigue, and enjoy a comfortable moment of relaxation

Intelligent shutdown protection, giving the body the most intimate care
In order to avoid too long massage time on the same part and damage to muscles and bones, the massage fascia gun Pro basic is equipped with intelligent timing protection, which will automatically stop after ten minutes of continuous use to ensure the safety of the human body and give scientific and considerate protection.


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