Xiaoda Vacuum Sealing Machine Food Packing


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30cm lengthened seaI60KPa vacuum suction12V safe low voltageVacuum Sealing Time:≤30s / Single Sealing Time:≤15s


Maximum Vacuum:-60KPa

Maximum Sealing Width:300mm

Single Sealing Time:≤15s

Vacuum Sealing Time:≤30s




-60KPa vacuum suction
Vacuum preservation " pumped " out
Strong suction power and increased vacuum force can quickly remove the air in the packaging bag and easily package food.

-30cm lengthened seaI
Improve sealing eficiency
Compatible with vacuum bags of different specifications , multiple packages of food can be packaged at one time , saving time.

-12V safe low voltage
Avoid electric shock hazards
Lower than the human body safety voltage , energy saving and low consumption,you can avoid the hidden danger of electric shock from the source , and it is safer to use

  • This product comes with five vacuum bags

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